We want to find a way to indoctrinate kids in the beauty and usefulness of the scientific method. These amazingly connected kids have already had their brains rewired by the speed, diversity, and even depth of the information and media in which they are immersed. We need to come at them from every direction,  play to any and all of their strengths, and remediate as many of their weaknesses as we can.

Anyone with knowledge and skills in education, science, content creation, new media tools or anyone with energy and ingenuity who thinks this is a good idea, is welcome to participate in this process of creation.

I will be following the Challenge Based Research model in the Educational Media Design and Technology program at Full Sail University to close in on the design for this program over the next year. Because it is my innate style, at this point I plan for the program to also be Challenge Based, centered around kids asking and answering questions collaboratively and mostly independently of adults, by designing and deploying technology they can grasp and use themselves to solve their problems.

If you wish to join me in this quest, make yourself a part of it by participating in this blog. In the next few months we will be reviewing the literature on the subject, collecting concepts, and doing some pilot research to validate the resulting ideas. We will also need to collect some target populations of kids to help test our plans, so if you are a teacher with access to a population we could survey and test with, that would be welcome.


One thought on “Collaborators

  1. hey nesdon. i am a little unclear as to your population or target audience. leaving it open to anyone that wants to participate, it just seems that a more narrow audience may be easier to guage the success of your project. for example i am going to use one or two periods of my biology honors classes, whereas many students in this program will be using their students it may be awkward for them to incorporate your project on top of their own.

    your idea for your project is a great one and i as a science teacher can relate and agree with your ideas. i try to help my ninth grade students realize that they use the scientific method constantly in their everyday lives to solve problems. it is part of our human thought process.

    an actual tv show is quite a lofty goal. how will you use it to reach the different levels of multiple intelligences? in the next few months, what will your research focus on specifically?

    i will definitely check back with your blog throughout the next year and add insight. anything i can do to help you, with in reason, let me know. i teach 4 honors biology classes to freshman and a geology honors class to juniors and seniors.

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