Target Audience

I have decided to address two separate populations, first my sister’s middle school class for 6th to 8th graders with high functioning autism. Second my peers:  friends and colleagues who are educators and scientists.

The middle schoolers will be asked to function as a test audience, being challenged to find questions and problems they would like to have solved, and to examine how they might functions as members of the onscreen team who will help other children solve their problems. In general, open as well as structured interactions with this population will be used to help narrow the focus on the composition and design of components that will make up the Schmience program.

The peer population will be addressed for essentially the same function, i.e. open and structured interactions to help define the project, but in the specifics of conceptual, technological, pedagogical and scientific parameters of the project development. I also expect this population to help direct me to resources to enhance my literature review process.

I will begin interacting with the student population in mid October, completing that research before thanksgiving. I am currently amassing my contacts for the peer population and expect to begin structured communications with them by the end of September.

The subtopics I am addressing in the literary research are:
1. The nature and dimension of scientific inquiry.
2. Science education pedagogy.
3. Use of TV and new media in education and especially in higher order thinking skills


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