Sample Solution Data Reflection

I did some pilot work with the student target audience in a taste test experiment. The nature of the population caused some interesting challenges, as did the temperature controls in the ovens we used, so the actual the scientific results were not so useful.

We discovered that the exact cooking time, the position on the cookie sheet and shelf in the oven all had such a significant effect on the texture and flavor of the cookies, that the small range of variation between the different brands and types of cookies was overwhelmed by the range of variation generated by these cooking factors.

We also had a chance to do some teaching on scientific inquiry, and discovered that most of these students indeed do not really understand the fundamental process quality of science, initially not being able to understand how cookie taste test could be science at all.

I have published and requested responses from my target audiences of two surveys: the Colleague Prep survey, and the Student Prep survey. Sadly, the response rate has been very low. I have gotten some excellent data from some of the responses, likely enough to proceed soon with the focused discussion with a subset of these target groups to do reevaluation of the design and structure of the program. The report from preliminary results is posted at the end of the Phase One Data page

I have decided to do the results discussion with the colleague audience virtually, as the best responses have come from people in distant cities. I will begin try to use this blog’s comment feature, as well as a Face book page to begin a dialog, but expect that an email distribution list may turn out to be the most effective way to carry on such an asynchronous dialog.

I will meet my students group again in the G3 classroom, and perhaps at a neighborhood restaurant where I will review the results of my surveys a get their reactions on the various project elements we are proposing as well as trying to elaborate on the question suggestion received in their surveys.

I continue to be concerned that the rigid content requirements for this blog are not well suited to what I am attempting to do here. As I have continued to add required elements, I am finding the redundancy and required inclusion of many elements make this site less and less useful. I am actually concerned that my inclusion of the link to this site in my survey requests may have been a disincentive to my potential collaborators.

I took a big idea that I care deeply about, science literacy, and challenged myself to develop a program to address it. I have come to realize that this CBR project was not designed as a challenge based learning experience for us, but more an adaptation of the existing action research component, more intended to try and add a challenge based curriculum element to that project.

This Schmience program as I have envisioned it, is intended to be very challenge based, but not according to the specific guidelines being used here. I had reordered the pages to putting my best foot forward and arc the presentation of the project, but was told to rename and reorder the page and to include specific element s that I do not judge to be effective for what I am trying to do. After this last experience with my survey responses, I am abandoning my attempts use this blog in my program. Oh well.


One thought on “Sample Solution Data Reflection

  1. Nesdon,
    As always, your candid thoughts are appreciated. Maybe the Blog process was valuable in that you see you do not need a Blog for your process. If that makes sense. Your projects sounds extremely fascinating. Keep me posted.

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