Sample Solution Progress Report – Phase 2


Our students learned the valuable lesson that any results are useful. They are now redesigning the first phase to make it more effective.

They reluctantly confronted the fact that variables we did not control caused an outcome that was not associated with the variables we did try to control, so that we will redesign the process to control for those variables as well.


Allowing students to be more involved in the selection and implementation improves motivation, in the same way that the interactivity of gaming does. The students who answered the survey both reported that gaming would be their most favored aspect of the program. I intend to create or find games that can help teach the scientific method and problem solving skills.

We also intend to design specific games, available on our website, via Facebook and other social networking sites as well as other mobile platforms that will allow the sudience to interact with the program in a variety of ways, as well as just to play with virtual scientific inquiry.


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