Chasing Ice

I recently saw Chasing Ice at the new Sundance Sunset theater. Very nice place BTW, 21 and over with a bar and cafe, good prices, and no commercials. It is a compelling doc about the Extreme Ice Survey project of the cinematographer, James Balog.

It happens that this is as close to a realization of my Terrakino project as I have seen. By some odd serendipity, Mr. Balog chose, unbeknownst to me, to do a Q and A after the showing of the film I attended. It was apparently sold out at the Landmark in Westwood, but at the Sundance, there were only 8 people in the audience. This of course gave us unusual access to him, and I was able to ask lots of questions about his techniques and process. However, he was, as were the rest of the audience, in a more political frame, surrounding how we can stave off the slow-motion disaster he was so eloquently documenting.

So rather than Terrakino,  more interesting and motivating for me, was that he was pretty successfully defeated climate science denying with art. This idea of using art to make science more accessible is of course the essence of this Schmience project. Balog’s pitch is: Take Action and so of course he chastised me for not acting on these ideas I was discussing with him.

I had begun this blog in an effort to help build the Schmience program as part of my Masters thesis, but was so discouraged by the pedantry of the Full Sail Faculty, that I had mostly abandoned it. My trip to the ISTE conference this year reinforced my problem with the relative elitism of STEM education, at the same time that it empowered me with the strength of multi-media, multi-platform, multi-mode education. So, between Balog, ISTE and my disillusionment with my job, here I am taking a stab at reinvigorating this project.


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