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This website was created as part of my coursework for my Masters of Science degree in Educational Media Design and Technology at Full Sail University.

Full Sail Online’s Capstone project, which serves in place of a thesis, is called “Challenge Based Research” (CBR). It is based on Apple’s Challenge Based Learning initiative, fused with a previous capstone structure based on Action Research.

I chose to use the course work to develop a science education program I named : Science Schmience!!

The Big Idea
Science Literacy
How does your problem relate to the Big Idea?
A science eduction program will promote science literacy.

Essential Questions
1. What is science?
2. How should it be taught?
3. What is the practice of scientific inquiry?
4. What are the components of an ideal science education system?

Design science program.
I selected this problem because I care about science literacy. I will challenge my target audience to help create various tools to better teach science.