Final Presentation


Understanding science is a one of the most important skills for the coming century. We live in a very technologically sophisticated world, created with science that needs to be maintained with science. One may criticize the cultural relativism and bias of many scientists, but this does not mean that science is just one worldview among many, as equally valid as any other ideology. These may have strong adherents, and the faith and belief may be very psychological and spiritually effective and rewarding for them, but to solve complex technological problems, we need complex scientific solutions.



Science Schmience is a multimedia program for science literacy targeted at students in the competency/sensorimotor developmental phase, and will use an active learning modality presented online and in a television program. Research was aimed at developing pilot elements of the program via dialogue and practice with educators, scientists and a sample classroom population. Concepts underlying the program are absence of authority-based information, solicitation of problems to be solved by kids with the help of other kids, and understanding of the process of scientific inquiry. The pilot group used a challenge-based approach to address an inquiry about which brand of cookie to bake for their classroom parties, developing a methodology to taste test cookies to resolve the question.