I plan to do survey and focus group work with a series of target populations to collect information of the optimal structure and ideal components for this program. As described in my little splash site,, I hope to develop a comprehensive and coordinated multimedia program composed of elements such as  broadcast TV, websites, social media, gaming, brick and mortar sites such as 826 Valencia as well as live events and contests.

Forecast Video created. August 27, 2011.

Target Audience
For the purpose of this CBR project I was requested to limit my target audience to 5 students at Paul Revere Middle School in the G3 program and 3 of their Teachers.
This target audience was intended to accept a challenge to propose a possible solutions to the problem of low science literacy. However, due to rigid assessment requirements, the CBR faculty demanded that I limit the scope to analyzing one test solution to a problem proposed by the students.

The problem that came up during some introductory sessions with the G3 students was a question about which cookies they should bake for their annual holiday party. So we devised a blind cookie taste to resolve the problem, and to demonstrate the process of the scientific method.

It is this process of developing and implenting this taste test protocol that the bulk of this study will address

Assessment Tools
To gather data I prepared a pre-survey and post-surveys using Survey Gizmo.  I worked with the 3 teachers to revise the survey for the students. 

I will evaluate the success of the solution by produced by the Target Audience by evaluating the post surveys and by having open dialog with all members of the target audience.

In discussion I will pose reflective questions to my Target Audience such as:
Which cookie do you think tastes best?
Do you think the way the cookies look could affect you preference?
In what ways do you think we are doing science?
What are other ways you can think of to use this process?
How can we change the process to get better results?

I reflected on elements of science education I felt needed improvement and included questions about those in the surveys. I used silly questions about faux science in the children’s survey to set the stage for a discussion of epistemology and gauge their differentiation about science, pseudoscience and mythos.

Student Pre Survey
Student Post Survey
Colleague Pre Survey